Improve Your Rank – Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes


People who are new to the field of SEO can be prone to committing more mistakes as compared to the ones who have been working in this field for quite long and possess great experience. For beginners, this may be due to a lack of awareness about basic techniques of SEO and how its function.

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Common SEO mistakes and how to fix them

  • Lack of uniqueness in page titles and meta description

The title of a page is something that leads to realizing readers and search engines that what the content is all about on your page. Generating several pages under the same title can result in preventing users from viewing a page that may be valuable to them.  Also not providing specific Meta descriptions for every page also results in low rankings.

Create titles that are unique and natural. Do not include more than 65 characters in it. It should be to the point and attractive enough to help users connect to the content of your page. Moreover, a good Meta description will help in increasing click-through rates.

  • Never promoting the blog posts

Any good post comprising of great content will not be shared and discussed among the audience, until and unless it is first promoted by you. It is important to gain a great number of audience or followers on any kind of social media platform.

Publish your work on social media pages. Use Facebook ads for the promotion of your content. Get internal links to it from previous blog posts. Use LinkedIn for publishing your posts. Create as much awareness as possible.

  • No high-quality content

It is a blunder to forget about the importance of good quality content because that is what will help you in the long run. You need to build trust among users and search engines to get prioritized.

Publish good quality content. It should be useful and informative. The data should be precise and accurate. Unbiased material will also get appreciated more.

  • Aiming for only high traffic keywords

Always going for the use of high traffic keywords may not necessarily result in gaining more traffic because more the amount of high traffic keywords, greater is the competition.

Use long-tail keywords, that is, those which are more specific and have less competition. They help in getting more traffic and increasing ranking for a beginner.

  • Slow-loading website

Page speed, that is, the page loading time is a key factor in deciding the ranking. A faster website will bring in more traffic and hence more sales and website visits.

The speed of the page can be improved professionally by hiring a developer or can be done on your own by connecting with Google Page Speed Insight and following their guidelines. You can analyse your website by using this feature.


These were some ways in which you can avoid SEO mistakes and learn efficiently. Your efforts, time management, consistency, and zeal to provide good content will help in bringing you one step closer to your success.

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