Learn Driving at Any Age – Get To Know-How


The average age to take a driving lesson is increased, as many people have kept their license on hold for some reason or other legal aspects. Earlier in the past, obtaining a driver’s license was easy. However, since older people are also buying cars, the state government has offered some relaxation in the age factor to learn driving.

Of course, the road rules have become more complicated with the surplus of privately owned vehicles. As public roads had improved most of the states have experienced a steep rise in learning driving at later stages of life. These days’ people who are in their 20s or even late 30s learn driving to get a license. The needs will depend on their health. Let’s look at the learning experience for different ages:

As a school leaver aged between 16-19

This is the ideal age to learn driving and it will also help the person throughout their life. At this age, you can get enrolled in most of the driving schools. Also, most of these learning centers provide affordable driving lessons to school leavers in the group. Since this is the age where most people apply for driving you can either joins summer training classes or winter training classes.

The minimum age to get enrolled differs from state to state. Usually, the age differs from about 16 to 18 around the country. Regardless of wherever you stay, you need to pass the learner’s driving test before you can drive around the city. Also, while you are yet to give the learner’s test your car will have L shaped sticker attached on to the glass.

This is for traffic reference that you are a new driver. Since a lot of young crowds apply for driving the competition is also high about who gets the first license. While driving lessons are not mandatory by law, but the police and the traffic authorities strongly recommend it.

Few driving schools can give driving lessons even at odd hours of the day. This will help you to accumulate driving hours faster and in no time you can apply for the license. Government bodies recognize the driving school like any other educational establishment. However, the licensed ones will charge a little extra for their added advantage.

In the mid-20s to late 30s

As you move above the 20s and enter an early youngster age you get pressurized with college, career, and a well-paid job. As more pace of life increases, people seek for financial freedom. As per the economy reports most people in their mid to late 20s to buy a car as a status symbol before they move on to buy a property. Hence more and more people apply for driving lessons at this age.

Also, when they have their car, they are less likely to forget the tricks and tips of driving. Also, at this age, they do not have the pressure and competition from friends about obtaining a driver’s license. At this age, it is more about pacing oneself.

People are driving for work or even for leisure. Hence it is worth to take driving lessons at this age. Additionally, most of the reputed schools also provide cars on rent to learn driving. Therefore, you can even learn driving and then buy a car. Lastly, the number of failed drivers is also less when there is a learner’s test for driving.

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