Are You Looking for Right Installer for Slate Roof?

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If you are planning to replace your roof with slate roof then it is a great decision. However, if you do not choose the tight kind of installer then it can be a disaster.

Slate roofing materials are quite expensive as compared to asphalt and supposed to have much longer life. However, if the installer for NSW Slate Roofing is not a right professional then within 3 years you will notice the sign of failure.

Following few tips that can be very useful while deciding about hiring a right installer for slate roof.

  1. Try to get reference

Try to get reference from the local people, who can suggest you about right contactor. You can also ask someone who has already installed slate roof in their house and are quite happy about it.

2. Check insurance and licensing

Often many home owners forget checking the insurance papers and confirm whether installer that he is choosing is licensed or not. You may land into serious trouble in case any mishap ever takes place during installation.

3.  Get estimate from few contractors

Collect number of sources and try to obtain offer from them and read all the terms and conditions and make an apple to apple comparison. By getting many numbers of estimations can help you to know what questions to be asked.

4.  Price should not be main criteria of selecting slate roofing contractor

Usually the tendency of most homeowner is to go for the one who has quoted the minimum price, however by choosing an installer only based on price without looking about his experience can be a recipe to disaster.

5. Check his professional experience

While installing slate roof, it is very essential that the installer must have enough experience in this field. He must be aware about local condition and also can help you to decide while choosing the slate roof material.

6. Check awareness about latest techniques

You can ask many questions to the installer with whom you are discussing in order to know how much the installer is aware about various new techniques used nowadays for installing slate roof.

7.  Do little research about manufacturer

If the installer is recommended by the manufacturer of the slate roof material, then try to get feedback or review about the manufacturer. Check the designation of the installer and higher the designation better will be the quality.

8. Request for extended warranty

Only very few contractors will be ready to offer extended period of warranty. Therefore, prefer to choose only those who are ready to offer you extended warranty about the installation.

9.  Check the safety standards

All professional roofing contractors will adhere to certain safety standards during all aspects of their operations. There will be very little chance of accidents if you choose an expert roofer for installing your roof.

10. Check communication level

Make sure that the installer that you have chosen can communicate to you clearly so that you know what he is asking you. If you are not very comfortable to talk to him or his demands are incomprehensible then avoid appointing him.

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