What is klonopin – Potential Dangers of Abusing Klonopin


Klonopin also known as Clonazepam is used for treating seizure. It is also known as anti-epileptic drug and is used to treat agoraphobia, a panic disorder. Klonopin interacts with our brain cells and gives a relaxing effect since it can slow down some functions of body and will be helpful to patients having sleeping disorders.

Common side-effects of klonopin may include respiratory infection, depression, loss of appetite, poor co-ordination, drowsiness and many more. Because of these side-effects this is prescribed for a short period of time and usually limited dosage is given. It is advisable not to use this medication if you have any allergy to drugs of benzodiazepine family.

Is Recovery Possible?

Addiction is an illness that can cause serious effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. Recovery is not possible with short treatment. It’s a chronic illness and requires a long-term treatment.

Once you realize that you are getting addicted to klonopin, it is possible to get rid of this addiction with proper medical assistance. Get the medical help as soon as possible before the addiction gets worser.

When you try to stop taking your addictive drug abruptly it may result in withdrawal symptoms which are a biochemical process. Withdrawal symptoms mean abnormal physical condition that follows the sudden ceasing of a drug on which you have a dependency. Some symptoms are anxiety, vomiting, insomnia.

You can opt for different types of plans offered by drug rehab for couples to recover as couple. For couple’s rehab treatment there are in-patient and out-patient therapy available. You can choose whatever program that suits your lifestyle. You can also work together for attaining sobriety and can mend your damaged relationship.

It is better to refrain from any drugs even after the treatment to avoid relapse. You should learn to manage your emotions and feelings that may lead to further addiction.

Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin is highly addictive. Even if you start taking this drug as prescribed, soon you may find yourself needing an increased dose that leads to the tolerance and addiction. It is considered that one who intakes klonopin for more than four weeks tend to develop a tendency to tolerance.

When the chemicals in our brain are unbalanced, clonazepam is prescribed to treat that condition. Klonopin has the ability of creating euphoric effect and this makes it abused by those who don’t have a valid medical requirement for this drug.

Some also use this drug along with alcohol or other opioids which will result in undesired negative health conditions including death, though it is rare.

If you need a recovery plan for you and your partner and you are searching for recovery center that can provide you all assistance needed, visit https://therecover.com/couples-rehab/ to learn more information on that.

At the Recover Rehab, couples get the needed therapy according to their condition and lifestyle. Couples are also educated on how to deal with their issues like fighting, isolation, violence etc., various behavioral therapies are used to help couples addiction recovery. The success rate is high when there is a support.

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