Have a CEREC Crown On the Same Day Instead of Lab-Made Dental Crowns


When a tooth is damaged or decayed, they need to undergo the root canal procedure. Dental crowns are used to cover the treated tooth. Traditional lab-made crowns take a lot of time while CEREC dental crowns are done using in-office milling machine. However, both CEREC and traditional crowns are highly effective for oral health.

Traditional crowns are very much affordable and effective. They can be made of different type of materials like ceramic, metal, resin and porcelain.

When a tooth is found decayed or damaged the dentist will clean out the damaged part by shaving down that portion. Then the impressions are taken to model the conventional crown, also known as caps.  A second appointment is needed to place the actual crown once it is ready. In the meantime, the patient will be wearing a temporary crown. These caps will cover all the visible part of the tooth.

CEREC crowns are made of Computer aided 3-D imaging software technology and cut precisely out of a piece of porcelain. These crowns are strong and can be quickly made than the lab-made ones, since it uses a computer-aided design. One single appointment is needed if you are choosing CEREC crowns. The use of computers has made the whole process effective and precise.

As you think CEREC crowns are not inferior to conventional crowns since they don’t need a lab. These are the durable, and look like real tooth. Unlike the conventional caps that need several days to make them, these are made on the same day of your appointment and you can go confidently with your beautiful smile. And because of this, it is preferred by many patients and dentists.

Benefits Of CEREC

Not more than one appointment needed

No more plastic temporary caps needed since it is done spot-ready.

Complete control of dentist is there, so he can ensure the perfect fit whereas traditional ones were done in laboratory under the control of technician.

Strong material is used and tooth colored is maintained that gives you natural beauty and strength.

Only digital images are taken using CEREC camera. No need to bite on a mushy thing to take the impressions.

Conventional caps need to go through so many processes and tend to lose accuracy wherein these CEREC crowns can be milled precisely in just minutes.

How is it done?

Digital impressions are taken and converted to 3-D virtual model. This data is sent to the CEREC milling unit, where the milling machine will design your crown. Once it is finished, the dentist tries it on your mouth and ensures the right fit. If the correct fit is ensured, the porcelain crown is baked, that doubles the strength of the crown. Finally, the crown is cemented in its place.

Which Crown to Choose?

Consult with your dentist regarding which type of crown is suitable for your mouth.  Dentist can give you some ideas based on his past experiences, and location of your tooth.  Choose the best option based on your budget and dentist’s view.

If you want to have your crown done in single appointment, The Pasadena Dentist, Texas has got the latest technology to provide you with the same day crown.

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