The significance of early childhood education


It is more shocking to know that a good number of grade three pupils in public schools have problems reading and doing some calculations. What is more disturbing about this is that grade 3 is the most critical stage in the life of any child as far as education is concerned.

Any mistakes committed at this stage are more likely to affect the future studied of the student. In fact, research has shown that most pupils who fail to understand things well at grade 3 level are more likely to face challenges with their academic life.

In as much as this is shocking, it is what is happening. This sad reality is exactly what is happening in Tennessee. Not so many people seem to have acknowledged the importance of early childhood education.  Most people who do this are ignorant of the fact that early childhood education is very important in the education of any child.

importance of early childhood education

It is very important to invest in early human development years; this comes with more significance than you can imagine. One of the greatest benefits of investing in early human development is that it helps to establish some skills and abilities. These skills and abilities go a long way in raising of all human capital investments.

It is proven that returns are always very high when adequate investments ae made at the younger or initial stage. On the other hand, remedial investments are always costly making them something to be avoided.

Contrary to what many people think, deficits in education system begin at a very early stage. In some cases, you will be shocked to learn that these deficits come in even before the kindergarten stage. In most cases you will learn that skills gaps widen a long income lines beginning as early as 9 months and going all the way to 24 months.

According to a research conducted in many areas, it is proven that early math skills and literacy are the greatest determinants of the future academic success of any individual. These skills are majorly acquired at the kindergarten level which makes this level of learning very key in the future academic life of anybody.

The first three years of any child is the most crucial as far as learning is concerned. It is at this stage that the brain is most impressionable. At this stage, there are almost or even more than one million neural connections being formed per second which create the wiring that is very essential in learning.

One of the key drivers of young child brain development is the adult responsiveness. For instance, when a young child cries or makes any gestures and that is responded to in the right way an adult, connections are established with the kid from that point.

This form of connection is known as serve and return. This connection is very essential in the brain growth of any child. It is because of this reason that Tennessee is committed to improving and expanding the level of early education programs.


Early education is very key in the life of any child. Given this, you need to try as much as you can to make sure you invest adequately in this education.

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