How To Get Into William & Mary – The Entire To-Do List And The Scores You Need


Have you passed out your interns and want to apply for your under graduation? The research work begins immediately with many things to explore. You need to learn in-depth about every college to maximize your chances to get admission.


You can check out the Campusreel website to read more about William & Mary or other favorite colleges in the US. The website provides all the details required at the press of your fingertips right from its history and the procedures to get into the selected university. Besides you can take a quick view tour and check out the schedules of campus visits.


Before visiting the college here are a few to-do lists that will guide you in fulfilling your questionnaire.


History of the university

William and Mary was founded in 1693. It is the second oldest university after Harvard in Williamsburg, Virginia. Presently, it hosts around 6300 undergraduates that are ready to get absorbed in government service with its high placement ratio.


How to get in

  •     Application procedure 

The application accepted by William and Mary is in two ways.

o Common Application

o Coalition Application


  •     Documents required

Besides the application forms in, either way, you need to attach below documents

Mandatory documents

o Secondary school report.

o Recommendation letter from Counseller.

o Midyear school report for 1st-semester grades.

o Test score of ACT or SAT

o GPA score details.

Optional documents

o Supplementary essay

o On-campus interview

o SAT subject tests


  •     Acceptance Rate

The rise in competition and more contenders cracking the entrance has raised the difficulty level. The acceptance rate in 2016, 2017 and 2018 was 37%, 36%, and 34% respectively. The statistics describe the fact of competitiveness.


  •     SAT scores

The SAT is composite (total) scores of Maths and Reading-Writing. For the year 2019, the scores were Composite-1470, Maths-740 and Reading-Writing-730. Thus, to remain in the race, you have to set the SAT target as 1470.


  •     ACT scores

In the year 2019, the ACT target of 25th Percentile, 75th Percentile and Average was 83, 67 and 75 respectively. In the case of ACT, the smaller the number, the more difficult is to get into this university.


  •     GPA

Though GPA score is 4.24 of the university, it does not mean getting only the best GPA will suffice the requirement. The college assesses the entire application with ACT and SAT scores.


To make a strong application, you will have to excel and get through all the requirements since the stakes are high and students from all over the world are keen on getting into the college. A brief guide on increasing your chances are stated below.


  •     Engage in extracurricular activities

o The college has a special corner for pieces of music, hence you can join the school band or show participation in music-related events.

o The college students have the habit to restore the benefits you earned to the local community. Hence engaging yourself in local events in any possible manner gives your credential an upper hand.

o Your contributions and values to the society at large should speak itself


  •     Early decision

If you join in Early Decision Program conducted by the college, the acceptance rate barometer increases from 37% to 58%. This is a good opportunity if you lag a little behind in the scores.


  •     Personal Interview

The personal interview, a one-to-one session can convey your personal qualities, values, and interest. You can represent your candidature more strongly and effectively. The college does encourage personal interview sessions.


Thus, getting into William and Mary college is not an easy task. However, if you are well prepared and your homework is up to the mark, you will get into it.

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