Don’t Let Your Financial Situation Deter Your Dreams – Choose FIU And Benefit from Its Aids


Florida International University (FIU) is a public research University located in Greater Miami offering undergraduate and graduate programs. When the University had its first classes in 1972, it was reported to have the highest rate of first-day attendance in the US. Today, it offers a range of courses and accommodates over 46000 students.

Its prime majors include architecture, international and public affairs, hospitality and tourism, law, public health, music, medicine, social work, journalism and mass communication. FIU welcomes around 9000 transfer students every year. Campus life programs are conduced to make the transfer process easier for FIU students.

Get access to detailed information on FIU transfer requirements at the website of Campus reel. The website also contains updated information on the transfer student’s acceptance rate and deadline for application submission. Students transfer to FIU for a variety of reasons. Do you want to know if FIU would be the ideal choice for you?


  • Extensive number of programs offered. You are highly likely to find your preferred course here.
  • Ranked #1 in Florida for awarding degrees to Latino students


  • FIU has a student-to-faculty ratio of 26:1 which is 11 points higher than the national average
  • It is quite difficult to be accepted at FIU. Its acceptance rate is 23.8 percentage points less when compared to the national average.
  • Overall cost involved is higher than average charged by other 4-year private schools

Transfer application requirements:

The application fee will cost $30. The minimum GPA required is 2.0. Submit official or electronic printed transcripts from all post-secondary institutions to the Office of Admissions. Applicants with less than 6 academic credits are required to include their secondary school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.

Financial aid:

FIU works towards making higher education easily accessible to everyone. Each year FIU’s financial aid office awards financial aid more than $180 million. If you want to graduate with little or no debt, FIU makes it possible for you. The university’s financial aid website sheds more light on its two financial aids available: merit-based and financial-need based.

The latter one includes grants, loan and employment. Keep your tuition costs low by completing the FAFSA application. Apply for FAFSA every year so as to receive specific federal, state and FIU financial aid. The application doesn’t cost a dime and if you are unsure if you qualify for FAFSA, you can still apply for it.

Attending FIU as a veteran:

If you fully qualify for Post-9/11 GI BILL, your tuition and fees charged will be fully covered. You don’t have to seek institutional aid or Yellow ribbon award to cover your university cost. In fact, the benefits you get to enjoy cover more than how much you are required to pay at FIU. After graduation veterans still walk away with $1246 cash.

FIU offers students a vibrant on-campus life with terrific academic opportunities thus attracting a whopping number of student admissions every year. The Career Services department helps you with your career goals. Start your application process today and embark your journey to a successful future.

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