Does Attending An Elite School Determines Your Academic And Career Success


It is a dream of a student to attend an elite school. Despite a strong academic record and extracurricular activities, they do not get their acceptance letter. A student should know that the acceptance rate and the cost of attendance in Elite schools are very high.

This can be disappointing for a student. So, does it really prove to be advantageous to attend an elite school? In this article, we will look at the benefits of attending a prestigious university, and its role in determining success.

Benefits of attending a reputed school

Weightage to your resume

If you passed from an Elite college, it will strengthen your resume. You will gain a competitive edge over other candidates.   

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A proof of your talent

Elite colleges have very low acceptance rates that make them highly selective. If you pass out from such reputed colleges you will be treated superior to other students. The academic record is itself a proof of your expertise and talent.

Improved job opportunities

The name and recognition of Elite universities such as Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard are enough to attract top employers. Such employers know that those students who attend prestigious universities are primed to succeed. Elite universities admit such students whose preexisting networks and skills guarantee them success.

Such companies generally recruit candidates who have gone to highly competitive schools. They get an assurance that the candidate is highly-skilled, and possess the much-needed talent, and expertise to give the best performance in the accomplishment of their projects.

Due to this specialization, these schools are called “feeder schools”. Candidates of these schools are very much needed for the highly competitive areas, which include law, finance, and business.

Ample Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities are better at elite universities. It attracts top specialists, and experts for speeches and conferences to give the chance to students to network with the most influential, and successful alumni.

So, when you get enrolled in such high-profile schools, you get more than just education. You are provided with an entirely new world of career opportunities.

Does Admission in Elite Schools Only Determine Your Earning Potential And Success

Though top schools provide a leg up to students that is the best forecaster of future success, it is the quality of a student that determines his success.

According to a study performed by researchers of Alan B. Krueger of Princeton, and Stacy Berg Dale of the Mellon Foundation, it has been found that the students who applied to prestigious schools and got rejected obtained the same average earnings as the ones attended prestigious schools. This proves that your earning potential does not depend on which college you do.


There are several unquestionable advantages to attending an elite university. However, you should know that your success depends on you, and not the school you study. Your drive, willingness to learn, and commitment is what worth focusing on.

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