Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate of Rice University


Most of you must be aware of Rice University, which was founded in the year 1912. This university is located at Houston in Texas and considered to be one of the best schools for those who want to pursue in pre-medical line.

As far as academic standards and the competition for getting admission to this university is concerned, it is not too stringent like HYPSM, Columbia or Chicago. Besides that, Houston offers many opportunities for patient care and medical-related research.

This school can also be your strong choice even if you do not happen to be pre-med student, as Rice can provide plenty of attention as well as independence so that you can really thrive.

Try to read this page to get advice about getting admission to this institute.

Quick review about applying to Rice

In order to apply to the Rice, you can either apply through common application or coalition application. However, applying through common application will be a better choice in comparison to coalition application.

For early decision, aspirants can apply by 1st November and for regular decision, you can apply by 1st January. Make sure that your application must have the following things.

  • Your general university application either via common application or coalition application
  • Supplemental essays written by you for Rice
  • Your test scores in ACT or SAT
  • 2- SAT subject tests for those fields which is related to your interests
  • 2- recommendation letters from teachers
  • Your school reports
  • Recommendation from your teacher or counselor
  • Your high school transcript
  • Application fee of $75 or fee waiver
  • Your midyear reports

In case, you are an international student then you need to submit the following:

  • English proficiency proof
  • Financial statement

How difficult will it be to get into Rice?

It will be difficult to get acceptance even if you are fully qualified candidate in all respect. Out of 20,923 applicants, those who applied during the last cycle only 2,328 could get admission, and thus the admission rate is 11%.

Certainly, Rice University is one of the top-tier schools in the country. Those students who want to go south have only options like Vanderbilt and Duke. However, they are also almost equally selective with an acceptance rate of around 10%.

Those of you who are aspiring to attend a school like Rice must get in touch with people, who have already gone through this kind of process before.

You can get mentorship from a number of advisors who may offer you counselling and advice for underclassmen as well as for applying to this university. They will help you to stand out among the crowd, so that you have better chances of getting accepted in the University.

Many of you may be interested to hire an additional counsellor who can also help by connecting you to someone who has already been successful in getting admission to any of the school similar to the Rice University.

With their suggestions, you can surely learn the difference between the acceptance and rejection rate of the University.

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