A Guide Answering All Important Questions About College Transfer


College transfer is an overwhelming, and scary process for many.  It brings a lot of confusion to students. In this article, we will answer a few questions on this topic to help you understand the process better.

How to find the right school again? 

There can be several reasons when you would need a college transfer. When considering colleges, and schools to transfer to, you need to choose one that matches your academic level, such as majors, degree etc.

In addition to this, it should also be suitable for you depending on the location, the campus environment, student body, and the social scene.

Take both these factors into consideration before you arrive at your ideal college. Campus Reel is a complete guide for students that makes transferring colleges simplified. You get the most recent news, and updated data to complete the transfer process easily.

Can I apply, or transfer to colleges where I didn’t get admission before?

You can re-apply to those colleges from where you have been previously rejected. However, the decision of accepting and rejecting your application depends on the policy of the school where you want to reapply.

Some colleges review a resubmitted application, while others don’t. At the time of reapplying, boost your admission application by updating new achievements. Emphasize how you have become a more eligible candidate now.

How hard is it to get admission as a “transfer student”?

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the average admission rate for a transfer applicant is 62% that is only four percentage lesser than the average rate of admission for 1st-time applicants. However, the rate of acceptance differs from one institution to another.

What does a college look for in a transfer application?

Admission officers in a college look at two important factors in a transfer application:

  • GPA at post-secondary institutions
  • average grades in transferable courses

In addition to the above, your personal statement, letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities are also important when filing for an application.

Less stress is given on standardized test scores and high school grades.

On what factors do my graduation depends if I am a transfer student? 

There are several factors to consider in this case. The most important one is your credit transfer. If your credits count towards your planned degree, and major program, then there are higher chances that you will graduate on speculated time.

For students, who keep on changing their majors and do not have time to transfer their credits transferring, may require one whole semester or two semesters to fulfill their graduation requirements at the new institution.

What is the ideal time in the academic year to apply for transfer in a college? 

It can depend on your academic goals, grades, satisfaction level, cost of attendance, and current status.

If you are presently admitted to a community college and wish to attend a four-year degree course in an institution, then you should complete your associate degree first and later apply for a transfer in your preferred college. Students who are presently at a 4-year institution can apply after 1 year.


Being well-informed will make your college transfer smooth, and easy. The above information will definitely enhance your knowledge and make it a hassle-free process for you.

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