Hiring an escort is a popular habit among men and the reasons differ from one man to another. All in all, there several struggles that women undergo that women never realize and when they realize it is too.  Escorts have always proven to make men feel better as there are always available when you call for them and they will do anything you what them to do so long as it is within the terms and conditions that you agreed upon.

Although most people tend to assume than men hire escorts because of sex, there are numerous other reasons why men require the services of an escort as some of the things they want cannot be fulfilled with their partners back at home. Below are some of the common reasons.

  1. Fulfill their fantasy

Majority of men if not all of them have sexual fantasies that they wish that they could be fulfilled. Some of these fantasies include having a threesome, role play, one-night stand, anal sex, oral sex and so many more. Most of these fantasies are can never be fulfilled by their partners no matter how much they try to persuade them.  With escort services such as Escort 92, all of their fantasies are brought to reality and you will find these men always going back for more.

  1. They are never happy

People may think a man is happy because he has a fancy car, perfect kids, a beautiful home and an incredible wife but these are things that people think make a man happy. Even with all these things, a man may fee miserable inside as you have no real passion, friends, hobbies, and sense of self. it could be that he is working all day in the office and every time he comes home; it seems like he is replaying the same movie over and over again. To make changes to his daily routine he may opt for an escort to give him some form of excitement.

  1. She is nagging

There is nothing a man hates more than a nagging woman. If you keep on nagging your man and you are always complaining about various things, you are pushing your man away. Some kind of naggings makes a man feel like you have become his mother and that he is more of a child to you than a husband. As an adult, you will never want to have that feeling where you feel like you are having sex with your mother and hence it is better to hire an escort who is not a nag like your wife.

  1. You need help

Sometimes as a man, you may feel like you want to escape reality. With all the stress of life such as a stressful day at work, being a father, a husband and at the same time, a therapist can be overwhelming. When a man is facing various personal emotional and mental loss and his partner may not be seeing he needs help, he may decide to hire an escort to help him relieve his stress.

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