How to Calculate Your GPA?


If you are looking for admission to college for your higher studies, then you must know how to calculate your GPA. In this article, we shall tell you the steps needed to calculate your GPA.

GPA calculator will be used by the university authority while allowing admission to the college. You can also use them to search your GPA for specific searches like GPA calculator Auburn University.

What is GPA?

While you were student in the high school then you must have been graded by school by giving various grades like A+/A- or B+/B- etc. or in certain institutions you must have got marks on percentage basis.

GPA will convert all grades and percentage into the number form. The calculation is done by using a formula, and then by averaging the numbers. Your GPA will be one of the main criteria to decide the eligibility for admission in any college.

Irrespective of which institution you may have come from, the GPA will evaluate your intelligence, perseverance, attitude and work ethic on a common platform. By using this GPA, the admission authorities are able to evaluate you against other candidates.

What is weighted or unweighted GPA?

GPA can also be weighted or unweighted. If the unweighted GPA is considered then they will simply check the candidate based on 0 to 4 scales but will not consider about the difficulty level of the classes.

There are few colleges that prefer to consider weighted GPA and also consider the difficulty level of the courses.

For example, if a candidate A gets “A” grade in history from an institution where the standard of evaluation is pretty lenient while candidate B also gets “A” grade where standard of evaluation is quite tough. In case of unweighted GPA both candidates A and B will get 4.0 score while if weighted GPA will be considered then A will get 4.0 and B will get 5.0 because he has achieved his grade under tougher condition.

Calculation of GPA by Auburn University

A scale of 0 to 4 is used for calculating GPA by Auburn University. Students will know about their GPA based on the following criteria. However, during admission, the university authority may use their methods to determine weighted GPA.

  • Candidate obtained A grade which is superior will get GPA of 4.0
  • Candidate obtained B grade which is considered good will get GPA 3.0
  • Candidate who obtained C grade which is acceptable will get GPA 2.0
  • Candidate who gets D which is the passing grade will get GPA of 1.0 and will fail to get admission in the college
  • Candidate who gets F grade is considered a failure will get GPA 0.0
  • Candidate getting FA grade indicates failure or absent will also score GPA of 0.0
  • Candidates scoring GF which is withdrawn failing will also get GPA as 0.0.

Those who want to know about their weighted GPA needed for the admission may contact the university to know what criteria have they used for determining your weighted GPA which may vary time to time because of a number of reasons.

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