MusicDigi Review – Digital Music Distribution Service


Music artists need to get the best platform to show their talent. After composing the best tunes, their music must be distributed worldwide. This is the best way of getting recognition and fame along with earning money.

Why MusicDigi Is The Best Digital Music Distribution Service?

MusicDigi is a renowned digital music distributor. The musicians can deliver their music easily into digital stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and many more. It has a tie-up with leading music services.

MusicDigi teams are located across Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The motto is to allow artists to show their best worldwide. It has unique features that set it apart from the other digital music distribution companies.

Fast Services

It is possible to release albums or songs on the largest platforms like Spotify, tidal, etc. and It is unbelievable just for $39.99 per year. Who can provide the services within this price range? Only MusicDigi gives this benefit to music lovers. Due to the fast and easy distribution service music is distributed within 24 hours worldwide.

Understands Your Audience Well

Having optimum awareness about the audiences is a good way of improving the performance in every field and this applies to the music also. MusicDigi is an easy way to distribute music and provides the facility to track your music like where the fans are downloading it, what types of songs are downloaded by the audience. You get to know about their choice and preferences.

Monthly Payments Are Received

MusicDigi provides the convenience of getting paid every month, so the artists do not have to go through financial issues. The task becomes easier as it can be estimated how much money is earned with the music. It strives hard for the wellbeing of its artists.

There are several digital music distribution services in the market. It is a complex task to decide which is the best and fulfills the requirements of music artists. Selling music online is not an easy task unless you get the right music distribution service. MusicDigi provides far better options as compared to the other companies in the market which are:

  • CDBaby – The services are reliable and you are unlikely to get any technical issues with the same. It is possible to keep a record where music is downloaded and purchased. But 9% of your earnings are kept by them.
  • DistroKid – It gives its services within a reasonable price range, suitable if several music albums are released.
  • TuneCore – Same like CDBaby. It offers a large distribution network. Along with monitoring the royalties.
  • Symphonic Distribution – This follows a different pricing model. You need to pay $25 at the starting and after that, it depends on the number of tracks that are distributed. For example for 1-5 tracks it is $10.99 and so on.
  • Ditto Music – You pay $79 To get unlimited distribution for one year. It is expensive than MusicDigi which charges $39.99 per year which is quite reasonable.


MusicDigi takes care of the rights of the artists. The unlimited services which it offers make it possible to release the music across 150 digital stores around the world and ideally speaking this is not an easy task. The rights and the ownership of the music remain with the concerned artist, which other distribution companies may not provide. So Choose one which aims at the improvement and progress of the music artists, and it is none other than MusicDigi.

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