How to Properly Use, Inspect, and Store Your Propane Tanks


Propane is a safe, economical, and efficient energy source. Thanks to its low carbon content, it produces minimal emissions. It burns cleaner than coal, oil, and other fossil fuels and doesn’t contaminate the soil and groundwater. For those who wish to maintain an environmentally friendly home, this naturally occurring gas is a reliable solution.

One of the distinct features of propane is its strong, unpleasant odor due to the added ethyl mercaptan. This sulfur-based compound is mixed with the gas so it can be detected when in use.

Propane is typically associated with outdoor grills. But, it’s also commonly used to power many home appliances, such as heaters, dryers, and ovens. While this gas is relatively safe for household use, it’s still crucial to understand how to properly inspect, use, and store your tanks to avoid hazardous situations.

Proper Use

Make sure there’s suitable ventilation when using any propane device. You should also know where your meter or tank is located and how to shut it off.

Use propane household appliances only for their intended purpose. Keep them well-maintained. Always remember to turn off the tanks after using them. To enable gas leak detection, CA homeowners are advised to install a sensor.

Proper Inspection

Conduct a safety and maintenance inspection once a month. Use a gas detector to check for carbon monoxide and propane leaks.

Don’t attempt to disassemble them or repair the valves, regulators, and other parts by yourself in case there’s an issue. Contact a professional instead.

In case there’s a foul smell coming from the tank, shutoff the valve immediately and open all your doors and windows. Don’t light a match or turn off an electrical switch.

Put a wet cloth on your propane tank if the odor worsens. Then, call your local fire department and stay outside while waiting for help to arrive.

Proper Storage

Place your propane tanks in a well-ventilated space away from flammable items. Never store them in enclosed areas, such as your garage or basement. Keep them in an upright position on top of a surface off the ground and not exposed to direct sunlight or any heat sources.

Proper use and storage are crucial to keeping homes safe from any propane-related danger. With regular inspection and the use of a gas leak detector,Sacramento residents can protect their family and properties from potential hazards and damages.

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