How to Decide Whether or Not You Should Hire an Attorney for DUI Charge


Driving under the impact is seen as a crime in every state. Due to this reason, the proceedings of this case dealt in criminal court. There are various ways to deal with a DUI case. It can be hiring a DUI attorney, going with a court-appointed public defender, or representing the DUI case on your own.

This article considers all the different options available with an individual to legally represent the DUI case.

Consult with a DUI attorney about the case

So, the first option that we have to deal with the DUI case is to take the assistance of a DUI Attorney. Before you hire an attorney, you should learn about its expertise, experience, strength, and weakness.

This is because this law is complex and keeps on updating constantly changing. The facts of different DUI cases are distinctive. So, getting an opinion of an expert and experienced DUI attorney can be beneficial for the case.

DUI lawyers generally provide a free consultation to prospective clients. One thing you can be sure that whatever small price you pay, it will be rewarding/life-saver for you.

When you come to consult a lawyer, you need to bring your police report and other case-related documents to get the best direction for the case. GoodMan Criminal Lawyer is one of the most experienced criminal lawyers in Las Vegas.

Public Defenders

Another option that you have to deal with a DUI legal case, is hiring a public defender. If you do not have adequate financial resources to deal with the case, then you can also get assistance from a court-appointed public defender.

All criminal defendants are entitled to hire their own lawyers. They have the right to get assistance with the one appointed by the court. These appointed attorneys belong to the office of the public defender.

Public defenders are able to deal with a large number of criminal cases that include a lot of DUIs. They are also familiar with law and defenses of DUI law.

These lawyers are well acquainted with the local judges and attorneys and are well versed in their tendencies. Such extensive knowledge makes them useful for plea bargaining. As they take a lot of trial cases, they have good trial skills too.

Private Lawyers

The third option that you have to deal with a DUI case is a private lawyer. They will represent you in all the proceedings as well as criminal court. It is observed that having one attorney to work on both features of the case often results in better outcome. This includes a shorter duration of license-suspension.

The major disadvantage of this option is that if the case goes to trial, then it becomes expensive. With a private lawyer, your time can be saved as there is no compulsion to be present in the court at the time of the hearing. Your lawyer can represent you in the court.


So, these are the possible options that you can exercise to deal with your DUI criminal case. This understanding will help him find the best way to deal with the case.

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