Host Your Upcoming Party This Year Bigger and Better – Charter A Private Yacht


Celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events get better with every year. People are always looking for fun ways to spend their special day with their family/friends.  Are you running out of ideas to make the upcoming occasion extra special and fun?

  • A posh dinner -done
  • Beach resort – done
  • A short trip abroad – done
  • Yacht party?

Picture spending time with your loved ones dining at the sea away from the busy and loud city and having a yacht all to yourself! You can choose to stay docked in one place to sail in the calm waters.  Sydney sailing are offered by Champagne Sailing Sydney. They offer special romantic packages for couples, birthday party packages and corporate packages.

Their yachts can hold anywhere between 2 and 43 people and promises a unique magical experience. Excellent catering facilities are available on-board. Just remember to have fun whilst the captain of the yacht takes care of the rest

How is a chartered yacht relevant to special occasions?

Surprise the love of your life with a memorable proposal at sea. You could invite your friends for a yacht party this birthday and have a blast. Yachts are the also the perfect places to host a family reunion and spend some quality time together putting away your phones. You could choose to celebrate your anniversary with your partner by booking an overnight stay at a yacht.

When it comes to corporate events, you can break the monotony of office routine and host a corporate party in a yacht. Meetings turn out to be more productive when held in a yacht. Employees feel rewarded which motivates them to perform better and clients feel valued.

Advantages of celebrating special events by chartering a yacht:

  • Comfort: Are you a small group in need of a compact intimate setting or are you inviting many friends and want a spacious and luxurious yacht? Yachts can cater to both small and large groups.
  • Luxury: Your event attendees are going to be floored by the arrangements. Hosting a party in a private yacht screams luxury. The yachts available for special occasions are equipped with stunning decor and highest quality furnishings.
  • Views: Planning a party in a hotel has become too mainstream. Why not do things the off-beat way and treat your loved ones to some great views?
  • Service: You have sumptuous food and fine wine at your disposal. The crew also provides excellent service.

Yachts give us the freedom to move around and explore. Chartering a yacht is affordable and promises to leaves your guests pleased. You have different options available to suit different budgets. Though private yachts come with a specific itinerary, they can be tailored according to your needs.

Hosting a party in a yacht is bound to make you stand out from the rest. It includes all perks of a luxury venue but the ambience is much for exciting and unique. No party on land could match up to a floating party.

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