Acrylic Render is Good for Long Life Excellent Performance of Exterior Walls

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We change the interior of the house and look into its maintenance frequently. Often, we remember to change curtains, wallpaper, showpieces, hangings when we feel they are worn out or old. The most neglected portion of the house is the outer walls. Outer walls suffer the most wear and tear. From unpredictable weather till harsh objects like stones, dirt twigs, all are prevented by these outer walls to enter the house. Therefore, they should be our priority.

There are various ways adding beauty to the house. Everything can be in your budget. Similarly, when you want a good finish to your outer walls you always want a durable substance that is within budget as well. Lately, acrylic render has been quite in demand for its durability and attractive finish. It is an innovative way of keeping walls safe that gives your exterior wall a perfect finish.

Acrylic render is exactly what its name suggests the render is made of acryl material which is a sort of plastic material. Traditional render isn’t flexible and eventually, with time there will be cracks on walls which means it will need repairing again. However, acrylic rendering is stronger and flexible, therefore the chances of cracks are less. Acrylic render can be found in variety of colour thus you will have choices.

In Australia due to ocean current, weather is unpredictable. This requires more care of exterior walls of homes and buildings. Therefore, Zaks Render started the acrylic business all over Sydney. The business is owned by a family for many years where they not only use traditional cement rendering, but also focus in acrylic render, polystyrene wall cladding, texture and granite coating. Their office is located in Campbelltown, but provides services all over Sydney.

Here are some benefits of using acrylic for walls –

  • Construction materials contract and expand with time. Acrylic render ensures that there aren’t any cracks in future, or if you have any small cracks on walls, immediately fill it with acrylic render to keep it in good shape.
  • Acrylic render is available in different shades and textures, unlike traditional cement render. This gives you an option of making the walls not only strong, but attractive by appearance.
  • Traditional render doesn’t stick to all surface, but acrylic render can be used on fibre cement, concrete, painted walls, timber, etc. this means you will always get a satisfactory result, no matter what kind of paint or texture you use for whatever wall.
  • Traditional render takes around a month to dry up which is useless during emergencies like peak rainy season. However, acrylic render dries up within days, which is helpful during urgency.
  • The material below acrylic render can breathe easily because acrylic allows moisture within the coat to move or dry freely. Therefore, even after years, you will not see any cracks or swollen parts on walls.
  • Acrylic also has water-resistant feature which keeps your house free from bacteria and fungi. This keeps your home free from seepage and provides fresh air without dampness.

All these features might sound expensive. However, it’s best to choose quality upon price, to avoid yearly revamping of walls. Just a thin coat can give you long life good performance.

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