What Is A Bank Checking Account and What Are Its Advantages?


If you are looking for a method to manage your payment and money, then bank checking accounts will be of great assistance. If you wish to maximize your banking experience, then read the article till the end. You will learn a few tips that will help you accomplish the objective.

What is a bank checking account?

Bank checking accounts are one of the ways in which a customer can deposit their asset in the bank. The best part of these accounts is that you can easily access the account by way of personal debit cards and checks, debit cards, via ATM (automated teller machines) and online mode. DNCU is the best place for customers to open personal checking account.

Advantages of a checking account

There are several benefits to open a bank checking account. A few of these advantages are mentioned below as:

  • Instant access to your funds from a bank checking account without needing to carry cash
  • The facility of a debit card to purchase services and goods and withdraw money via an ATM
  • the ability to get the paycheck deposited into the checking account by the employer;
  • access to e-banking services, such as payment of bills, withdrawing money in just a few clicks
  • Money in your checking account is protected – to a certain limit – by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., FDIC.

Types of bank checking accounts

Bank checking accounts come in various format that give financial customers a variety of options for the management of their money. Prior to selecting a checking bank account, you need to perform due diligence to find the right bank checking accounts that suit diverse needs of the client. Below are the types of checking account that is provided by the banks:

Free checking

Free checking accounts have no monthly fees. They are in high demand among customers. There are charges for account overdrafts facility and specific kinds of bank services, such as handling a hard copy of bank statements.

Online checking accounts

With more and more people using digital devices, the demand for these accounts is increasing day by day. There are no monthly fees. Customers get 24/7 access to their customers.

Joint checking accounts

This account is ideal for married couples. It enables multiple users to access this account. Having their cash parked in one account makes it easier to manage household finances and deal with it.

Student accounts

This type of bank account is ideal for young financial consumers. It offers low fees, and access to specialized deals for young customers.

Business checking accounts

This type of account is for big and small banking accounts that specialize in dealing with bulk money and financial transaction. Banks generally link their business checking accounts to their business lines of credit.


A bank checking account provides a lot of advantages to a banking customer. This account not just earns you interest on your deposit but also provide easy accessibility to your funds to meet your financial needs easily.

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