Brief Note on Popular Kinds of Nose Piercing and Trendy Nose Ring Jewellery


Since early ages, women loved piercing their nose to enhance their facial beauty. The nose rings were adorable jewellery present in varied kinds in their treasure box. Even today, nose piercing is considered trendy and preferred by both teens and young adults to get an appealing look.

Presently, the latest trendy way of nose piercing is the septum piercing of nose. Earlier it was done by classical dancers and tribal women of East Asian countries, now it has become a trend setter encouraging young women to look like mystical beauties.

Are you planning to go for nose piercing, then it is the right time to know the present fashionable ways to do nose piercing? Before you do, visit the webpage to get accustomed to the wide range of nose piercing jewels available in varied kinds, shapes and delicate patterns. Sometimes an idea about the jewellery available will help you know how you would like when you pierce your nose.

Here are few traditional and trendy ways to pierce your nose:


The most common way of piercing done since ages is still popular as it is the simplest way to beautify your nose. The other prime reason for nostril piercing being common is the availability of a range of jewellery that suits every face and budget. Mostly, the piercing is done just above the crease or curve of the nose a little away from the cheeks usually 18 or 20 gauges.

The hole of the nostril can be done either side, however left side will be good for women according to ancient Ayurveda therapy. The famous jewellery patterns are single and multiple gems studs, plain gold nostril screws, L shaped pins, round barbells, captive ball rings and nose rings.

Little high up the Nostril

You can say it looks little modish compared to simple nostril piercings. The piercing is quite right to wear diamond studs and bright colour or pearl nostril screws. As it will be difficult to pierce so it is wise to do the piercing from well skilled general physician or experienced piercer.

Septum piercing

Yes, you rightly guessed the piercing is done right through the central vertical wall of the nose. Don’t worry as it won’t hurt a lot as it isn’t done on the cartilage, it is done just below the septum of nose. The sexier appealing look it gives when you choose right kind of septum nose piercing jewellery makes you forget the pain you endured earlier.

Vertical Rhino Piercing

It is a unique way to make a hole on the nose. However, it is not very popular even though it looks trendy as the only accessory to use is curved barbell.

If you are looking for twinkling nose rings, then choose the diamond studded jewels as they look fabulous with any kind of dress you wear. You just need to flaunt in the parties with the latest trendy dress while wearing the classic looking nose piercing jewels dazzling with precious gemstones.

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