5 Important Reasons Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney


If you are reading this, it is safe to say your recent financial history has been challenging. In fact, it might be so challenging that you are considering filing for bankruptcy as a way to get your debt load under control. You may also be wondering if you need to hire a lawyer for bankruptcy in Mattoon, IL or if you can navigate the system on your own.

With all the affordable bankruptcy lawyers out there, here is a brief rundown on why you should avoid tackling bankruptcy alone.

A Lawyer is a Should, Not a Requirement

Technically, you can represent yourself as you push through the bankruptcy process. Before you conclude that is what you should do, however, consider this age-old legal saying: A person who serves as their own attorney has a fool for a client. The reason this is true in almost all cases is that your connection personally with your client can and likely will cloud your judgment.

You Do Not Know the Law

Bankruptcy law is one of the most complicated assemblages of regulations, rules, laws, and guidelines ever assembled. Even a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy has to be ever-vigilant to keep track of legal changes, case law, precedents, and potential and actual legislative changes. As a layman, you will need to devote hundreds of hours learning bankruptcy law and then start to learn how it is applied.

You Need the Advice

Bankruptcy is a very serious matter. If you file and you do not have to do so, you can make your debt situation worse and ruin your credit rating at the same time. An experienced lawyer for bankruptcy will be able to assess your finances and determine if bankruptcy is appropriate. They will also be able to give you alternatives if any exist that will help you avoid bankruptcy.

They Can Help Determine the Type of Bankruptcy

One of the most difficult challenges in any bankruptcy process is deciding what chapter to file under. An attorney can explain each to you, outline your obligations under each and help you understand any issues you may face as a result of your filing.

They Improve Your Odds

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer has been through the process, knows the challenges and the individuals involved in approving your filing. They also know how to present the paperwork so that it goes through the system smoothly.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that you should only undertake if you have no other options. That said, if you feel you have no other alternatives, consider hiring the most competent lawyer for bankruptcy in Mattoon, IL, you can find.

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