Zip Through the Streets Everyday on Electric Bikes and Reap Benefits


Technology has significantly improved our quality of life. Electric bikes are one fine example. Earlier bicycles used to be a common mode of transport. The bicycles have now evolved into electric bikes by fixing a motor for easy pedaling and have once again become a common sight. E-bikes make use of rechargeable batteries, cover up to 45km/h and are emission-free.

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How are electrical bikes advantageous?

  • Assisted biking: Due to the ease of pedaling, impact and stress on thighs and knees are reduced unlike with ordinary bicycles. You won’t get tired and sweaty in a while. They are suitable for use in challenging terrain.
  • Saves money: People are turning to E-bikes for transport owing to the steady rise in petrol and diesel cost. The batteries for E-bikes are inexpensive and last up to maximum of 50 miles after charging it to full.
  • Future of transportation: Sci-fi movies features sleek vehicles which are far from bulky and don’t emit jets of smoke. It is safe to say that E-bikes are making its way into the future. There are few countries opting for it due to increasing air-pollution.
  • Environmentally friendly: Global warming and climate changes are a pressing issue in today’s scenario. E-bikes are a great alternative to control air pollution. The average energy consumption of an E-bike is about 150watts while for cars it is 15,000watts.
  • Easy to purchase in some countries: E-bikes are still considered as bicycles in some countries and you won’t be required to go through registration and license process. You could get it online or pop into a local store.

What are the health benefits associated with regular E-bike usage?

Reduces side effects that result from sedentary lifestyle:

Riding an E-bike daily is a way of incorporating physical activity daily. It is much better than an inconsistent gym routine and infrequent jogs. Since it is battery-powered, the rider doesn’t have to put in more efforts and it equates to low to medium intensity workout.

Increase core metabolism strength and metabolism:

Your body gradually develops high endurance and this subtle workout adapts the body to metabolize foods. Cycling mostly involves movement of muscle groups and trains core muscles.


Regular physical activity controls the levels of stress hormone cortisol. The levels of cortisol build up under stressful situations. Since cycling balances, it promotes relaxation. The best part is that you get to enjoy this benefit without allotting a specific time for workout.

An electrical bike is a multipurpose vehicle which all family members can benefit from. Four wheelers require specific training while sports cycles aren’t suitable for women while for E-bikes are suitable for most age-groups making it a perfect purchase for families.

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