Debt Collectors Coming to Your Home Need Not Be A Cause of Concern


Debt collectors use many ways to reach out to you to collect the amount you owe. The standard methods are sending you letters to your home address or calling you a couple of times. They may use other worrisome methods if you choose to ignore their letters. Ignoring them is bound to cause further problems. Legal action may even be taken and you are likely to end up paying more.

You may be constantly hauled down by relentless calls from financial lenders like Lowell Financial group since you owe them money. Questions like ‘Will Lowell Financial visit my home?’ maybe hovering in your mind which leaves you restless. It may be scary thinking about debt collectors at your doorsteps. You can avoid putting yourself in such situations by tackling your debts before the situation gets out of hand. You may have no idea how to handle this.

Get the right help:

There are reputable third-party companies in Scotland like offering debt advice. They will lay out the options available and find the best solution to pay off your debt.

Know your rights:

In case a debt collector makes a home visit you can handle it by educating yourself about their rights and yours’.

  • You are under no obligation to answer or acknowledge them. You can either answer them through the window or ignore them completely.
  • If you change your mind after letting them in you are allowed to ask them to leave. Debt collectors don’t have the legal rights to stay in your home once they are asked to leave.

Debt collector’s rights:

Usually, the debt collectors behave reasonably and won’t bother you if you let them know you prefer to deal with creditors by phone instead. There are instances where some act pushy and try to establish that they possess more legal authority that what actually is which is against the law.

  • They do not have the right to force their way inside your home or intimidate you into letting them enter.
  • They aren’t allowed to make an appearance at unusual hours – before 8 am and after 9 pm.
  • The least they would do is ask you to pay money. You don’t have to be worried if they would take away your goods which are extremely unlikely.
  • They can’t talk about your debts to your family members.
  • It is a criminal offense if they claim to be a certified enforcement officer.

Taking away personal property in case of secured loans:

If you have borrowed money to buy a vehicle, debt collectors can take your vehicle without seeking your permission. They can’t forcefully enter your garage and confiscate your vehicle. They, however, have the power to take it away if it is parked on private properties.

If you don’t want to be bothered by debt collectors contacting you at your home, you can send a written request that you want it to be stopped. They should limit communication henceforth. You can sue them if they continue making a home visit.

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